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Locksmithing can be complex, luckily, we're here to help! The FAQ below is updated on a monthly basis based on client experience feedback. Looking for more detailed information?
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Should I change my locks after moving to a new house?
If the locks are in good condition you can simply rekey them, meaning you'll have the same locks with new keys. The most important part is to have a new set of keys to ensure you're safe & secure in your home. Whether you change the locks completely or simply rekey them depends on you and the condition of the locks.
Do locksmiths damage doors when opening lockouts?
No, our locksmiths are specially trained with years of experience in the field to ensure no damage to your property while taking care of a lockout quickly, efficiently and professionally.
Can locksmiths cut & program car keys?
Yes, whether you already have the key or would like a locksmith to provide you with the relevant key for your cars make & model, a locksmith will be able to cut & program your car keys with ease. Our locksmiths, here at Marty Locks, are mobile and locally based to ensure fast response times and will come out to your location without any need to tow the vehicle which will result in saving big time during a critical situation.
Are smart locks better than traditional locks?
Smart locks are preferred by some clients because of the "ease of use" of the code or password, There are various different Smart & Digital locks in the market, before purchasing one we would recommend giving us a call to consult. Some smart locks, for example, have no indication of battery life and as a result people who rely on the code or password without taking a key around with them sometimes end up locked out of the house. Because of this reason, we would advise more "High-Tech" Smart & Digital locks who even have connection to an application in order to monitor the lock. The difference in security varies, as there are many types of Smart Locks, thus before proceeding feel free to consult with our experts by giving us a call about the different options and their benefits.
Do locksmiths provide emergency services?
Yes, Marty Locks is locally based in Syracuse New York to ensure fast response times in Manlius, Fayetteville, Dewitt, Camillus and surrounding communities. Give us a call and we'll be right over.
Does Marty Locks work with business security as well?
Yes, we provide all kinds of security solutions for businesses, stores, buildings, offices and more in Syracuse New York and its surrounding areas. For example: Panic bars, keypad locks, commercial locks, mortise locks, yale locks, digital locks, smart locks, master keys, lock rekeys and more. Give us a call and together we'll setup a specially tailored security plan for your property and/or business.
Do locksmith services open safes?
Yes, Most locksmith services can open safes. Our Locksmiths are specially trained to ensure the wellbeing of your precious belongings inside as well!
What can I do if I locked my keys in my car?
A locksmith will be able to help you unlock the car quickly and easily. Our local locksmiths in Syracuse and its surrounding areas are specially trained to get you in your car in times of need, we provide instant emergency locksmith dispatch services for lockouts because we understand it's a stressful situation.
We lost the keys for our house locks, can new keys be made?
Most locks can be rekeyed without the original key, some High Security locks will be a bit more difficult and will also depend on if the door is unlocked or not, either way there's always a solution. Give us a call, our experts will be able to assist you after you provide a bit more information about the lock and the situation.
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